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How can I resolve any doubt by dialing Mycelium Customer Support Phone Number?


If you have any doubt regarding Mycelium digital wallet then dials 888 411 8901. You can get ideal solutions for fixing your problems in a limited time span. By dialing Customer Service Number 888 411 8901, you can easily solve your problems regarding with mycelium wallet.

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Mycelium is a foremost bitcoin company focus in hardware, software, and security. It’s a mobile wallet that allows you to store, send, and trade bitcoin. It offers five account types such as HD (Hierarchical Deterministic), Bit ID (open protocol), Single Address Accounts, “Watch Only” Accounts, Hardware (for offline devices). It has been recognized as one of the best mobile wallets in the bitcoin industry, it was awarded in the years 2014 “Best Mobile App” by It is well-matched with Android and iPhone, APK file is available only for Android. It is free to use for the authentic users. It supports bitcoin, and allows users to switch back and forth from regular fiat currency (US dollars, euros, etc.) to bitcoin.



If you want to know about Mycelium wallet then make contact with Mycelium Customer Service by dialing the Number 888 411 8901 and resolve your query related to the wallet. As an authentic user, you have an opportunity to receive and send payment from the wallet.

Mycelium Wallet support by enterprise-level security features that including HD security and extensive backup options for securing private keys. You will also be encouraged to set up a PIN code, which will lock the following functions:

  • Sending bitcoin payments
  • Exporting single-address accounts that display their private key
  • Adding new accounts
  • Changing buy/sell orders

After this you have to use the backup security feature and write down the 12-word for security phrase. These security 12 words will help you to recover your account in case your device is lost or stolen. If you still not get familiar with Mycelium wallet then try to resolve any doubt that you have related to the wallet by dialing Mycelium Customer Support Phone Number that is 888 411 8901 and make sure you get the best solution from the experienced professional.

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